Sailing the Smaller Skyways For Ship Captains

Jun 9, 2021

Loveable Lindsey Lewis is a musketeer and sailor of the skyways. Lindsey lost her parents when they were eaten by sky squid and ended up being raised by the ninja pigs in Mooshu. This pirate loves to fight ships and sail the skyways. One day, she started thinking about all the captains that were fought as a young pirate and decided to do a bit of sailing back through the skyways to see what ships she could remember battling and what fun shinies could be procured by doing it again. In the skyways, there are multiple captain ships to fight. With certain side quests and other ships are just found sailing around. Lindsey thought that some of her friends never thought these ships were special, but it was great to receive some extra vessel parts and gold for her little pirates. She hadn’t heard of many fighting ships for nautical training anymore. Being able to send her companions out on Nautical Training seemed to quiet down the skyways, but Loveable Lindsey has a fondness for exciting ways to obtain more shinies. Now, Lindsey doesn’t claim she has all the knowledge of every ship and where to find them but hopes you enjoy your ventures and hunt for new treasures obtained with the ones that are known to her!

There are many ship bosses spread out through all the skyways, so this variety of Captain ships below will get you started. Lindsey will start with some small captain ships for all the beginner pirates out there and work up through a few of the lower-level skyways for today, letting you know some more later after her adventures are made in the larger zones. The captain ships do move around in the skyways so Loveable Lindsey will reveal the basic area where they can be found and battle them to see what they bestow upon her this time.

Note: What they give changes each time. To find out she tested that theory, by fighting a few of the ships more than once.

Moving down the Skull Island Skyway, Lindsey knows of two ships available for battle. They are Deadeye Diedre’s ship, Deidre’s Delight (Gave her gold), and Mack the Shark’s Ship, The Threepenny Rake (Acquired a Jumping Ahi Billethead Figurehead, and the second time, gold.) Both ships were located off the blue skyway toward Jonah Town. After these two ships, she moved off to the next area.

Lindsey would like to note that because the ships move around on the skyways, sometimes you have to hunt to find them and the captain’s ships are not always located on the map. If the captain ships are part of a quest, they can be seen on your map. If they are just random ships, they will not.

Tradewinds Skyway has a couple of quests that give you boss ships. These ships are across the pink skyway from the Stormgate to Monquista. They are Captain Edward Walter’s ship, The Careless Archer, and Captain Robert Leach’s ship, The Remora. Lindsey also found one craft hidden behind Scurvy Dog Hideout that was Captain Zirconia’s Flawless Victory. One anchor part and lots of gold were granted here!

On the other side of Skull Island Skyway, you come to Flotsam Skyway. There are two ships, Kona Kaa’s ship called the Kon Tiki, and the Buga Buga ship, the Hoodoo Canoe. Both again gave her gold and were good little ships to fight if you are around level 15. Going one step up from here, Loveable Lindsey Lewis sailed to Port Regal Skyway to the north end of Tradewinds Skyway.

Sailing around in a circle on the ship’s path where it was safe, Lindsey looked for more captain ships. She struggled to find them. Not seeing the ship from the pink skyway, the pirate sailed the edges of the zone around the back of the Mooshu Stormgate. There she could see the Royal Sovereign Captained by Admiral Barnsley. Scrip and gold were acquired in this wreckage!

At this point, Loveable Lindsey needed to share her treasures by putting the shinies in her shared bank and sailed to Mooshu, her favorite place for Captain Ships! It is a long trip, so stay tuned for the next set of ships she finds.

By Humble Misty Morgan (aka @GmaFoley)
Come join Loveable Lindsey Lewis on the skyways in Pirate101!

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.