Introducing Grace StormSong!

Nov 24, 2021

Humble Misty would like to introduce her new character in Wizard101. Her name is Grace Stormsong and is part of the School of Storm, a Diviner. Her pet is a Peace Dove named Deputy Cleo. You will be able to follow her escapades on Adventures of the Spiral starting in January. 

The first story will be Grace finishing up her first storyline in Unicorn Way and will be looking for extra treasures on the way.

Excerpt from the upcoming story:

“Grace Stormsong was very nervous on her first quest to defeat the lost souls. There was no one on the street, it was very quiet. She used her Thunder Snake and the lost soul melted away. She went in to fight her second lost soul. Sending a dark sprite out, the lost soul got scared and warned the others to leave the area…”

Stay tuned and see you in Wizard101!

Humble MIsty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.