New Mount Solar Sabrecat Pounces Into Wizard101

Jul 15, 2015

Solar Sabre Mount Spiral Banner


The new update has hit Wizard101 with many new wonders to explore. We players were caught completely by surprise when KingsIsle delighted us with something new for the whole Spiral. Both Wizard101 and Pirate101 have a brand new mount:

The Solar Sabercat

The Solar Sabercat that will delight to any Pirate or Wizard that likes stalking around on a hot mount.

This powerful beauty leaves a fiery trail behind as it bounds you through the Spiral. While you are either checking out all those new fish in Wizard101’s Celestia, or prowling in the Dark Jungle of Pirate101 you can leave a blazing impression as you go bounding by in your ferocious Solar Sabercat.

This mount is known to get along well with your other mounts and really loves pets. All your beloved critters will  love romping with it too as shown here by my Pirate101 Witchdoctor’s Photobombing Not So Great White Shark 😀


For a mere 7,500 Crowns you to can have a roaring good time with this brand new mount, The Solar Sabercat

Check it out in the Crown Shop today and decide which one of your lucky wizards or pirates will get to pounce
on this fantastic feline.






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