The Concept Art of Pirate101

Jul 21, 2015


   As I journeyed through Pirate101 Test Realm I decided to check out the Brawling Hall to lend a hand with the PvP testing. While I was in there my curiosity got the best of me and I wandered over to investigate the new vendors that reside therein.

  I proceeded to press my nose against the virtual glass of the pet shop and admired the very colorful Apex sharks being hawked by Honest Thomas Perdue.

(A wonderful honor to our beloved first Community Manager, One-Eyed Jack <3)

   Next I drooled over the awesome weapons that were offered by Trusty Flint Locke (Well played you punderful writers at KingsIsle 😀 ).

 Then it happened. I found the Scrip housing vendor, Candyce Olsen and clicked on the Bed tab and found a treasure beyond measure.   There are 7 housing items, each an album stand that is finely crafted to honor it’s world of origin (see below).  That is not the best part that truly made my heart sing. The album stands are interactive. When you activate them you are presented with the Holy Grail of eye candy. Each album is packed with concept art that was used to create our wonderful game environment.  That’s right, the works of art from some of the finest artists in the gaming business. Many of the pieces appear to be previously unreleased.  Well at least I had never seen them and I search for concept art from our beloved game quite frequently.

Another cool thing is, there are masterpieces in there from worlds we have yet to see.  True peeks into the future of Pirate101.
Candyce offers them for 900 Scrip each but do not be dismayed if you have been burying your scrip to save up for other Black Market treasures.

Just visit the Crown Shop and you can purchase each and every one of these precious albums and their thematic stands for a mere 1000 Crowns or, if you need to shake loose some of your excess gold from a fruitful Moo Manchu run, you can procure them for 10,000 gold each.  So be it Scrip, Crowns or Gold, whatever is wearing a hole in your treasure chest, these gorgeous creations are yours to be had.

I managed to organize a private viewing of these visual delights just for you, our readers.  Come into the Adventures of the Spiral Gallery and feast your eyes on some amazing creations.

Blessings and giggles on your day.