Tips and Tricks for Celestian Fish

Jul 28, 2015

While fishing comes down to patience, persistence, and energy… It doesn’t hurt to know a few tips to make your fishing life easier.  As many of you may know, the most recent Wizard101 update involved fishing in Celestia!  What that means is there are new fish for only the master fishers to discover (or the beginners, but best of luck if you are one!).

To get started, these are a few higher ranked fishing spells you will need in order to follow these tips:

– With these new fish, you need tougher lures in order to catch most of them!  Make sure you have all the Rank 3 spells which consists of the Common Frost Lures.

–  One of the most useful set of spells out there, especially for epic fish, are the winnow utility spells.  They are Rank 1 spells that can be bought in the Labyrinth.

– One very useful spell is the Banish Sentinels 1 spell that is a reward from a Dragonspyre fishing quest, Catch ‘Em If You Can.

– Make sure you have the Reveal Fish Rank 1 spell handy.  It will be very useful as doubtful as it might be.

– Of course there are all the other utility spells that will be nice to have to make your Celestia fishing expedition a lot quicker.  Check out all the other utility spells on our Rank 0 Spells page.

New Challenges

Did you think KingsIsle was going to make fishing any easier?  If you did, you thought wrong.  If you went through Dragonspyre fishing this might be a little tougher but fret not, you should be quite prepared.

There is only one new fish that is Rank 1 and super easy to catch because it’s a Sentinel.  The challenge here will be how to get rid of the new Rank 2 Sentinel lurking around the ponds of Celestia because the Banish Sentinels 1 spell only banish the Rank 1 sentinels.  You will have to make sure they are a safe distance away from your lure if there are any Rank 2 sentinels lurking around.  Besides that, catching these fish should be a piece of cake.

Catching the New Celestian Fish

Blue Armored Guard Sentinal Fish Render

 Blue Armored Guard

While this is one of the easiest fish to catch, it is a Sentinel and you need to know the trick to catching Sentinels.  Make sure you are using a Rank 2 Fire lure and cast it near a fire Sentinel (fish with the spikes).  The fish will come to you.  Right when you see that you can invoke your lure, go for it!   The best thing about this fish is that it’s easily accessible to find in any fishing spot in Celestia!  On top of that, every fire Sentinel fish you come across is for sure to be the Blue Armored Guard.


Channel Bass

Channel Bass Fish Render

This fish is found in one place, Survey Camp.  Survey Camp is the hardest place to fish from in Celestia.  Reason to this is because there is only one pond and it is connected to The Grotto.  Be careful where you step and give yourself some distance from the entrance of The Grotto when fishing.  Best strategy here would be to Winnow Storm Fish to eliminate any other potential fish that might distract you.  After that, you want to use the Reveal Fish Rank 1 because there are plenty of Rank 1 fish that you want to ignore.  Seeing the Rank 1 fish gives you the opportunity to scare them away and leave the ones who aren’t Rank 1.

That leaves you with five potential fish in your pond.  Two of those potential fish are Sentinels so you want to scare those off (only by letting them take your lure) or keep some distance from them.  Banish Sentinel 1 will be the best spell to use to keep away the Rank 1 Sentinel if it’s not gone already.  If you just step on a Sentinel, it usually spawns back nearby in the pond.  Now you’re ready to fish!  Catch all the fish in the pond with your Rank 3 Storm lure and hope for the best.  The Channel Bass won’t always be in the pond.  If you don’t get it, you want to restart the process after letting all the fish respawn over time or using the Summon Fish spell.



False Catshark
False Catshark Fish Render

Since the explanation on getting rid of Sentinels is explained under Channel Bass, you now know how to get rid of them anywhere so they don’t steal your lure.  The False Catshark is a Myth fish along with three other Myth fish in the pond (not including the Rank 1 Sentinel).  Best strategy is to use the Reveal Fish Rank 1 spell and scare those away.  Instead of using the Winnow spell, you can just reveal school of fish and easily scare away the ones that aren’t Myth.  You will either get Myth School of Fish or the False Catshark.  Make sure you use a Rank 3 Myth lure!  This is an easy one, good luck!



Flying Saucer Fish

Flying Saucer Fish Render

While trying to catch the Channel Bass, it’ll be a surprise you don’t catch this one.  In any fishing pond, make sure you get rid of Sentinels and Rank 1 fish.  Catch the Storm fish with a Rank 3 Storm lure and you should be good to go!  This might take a bit since it’s a rare fish but it’s all about luck.




Humunukapua Render

 This fish is super easy to catch in The Floating Land that even the description of the fish says it!  I’ve noticed it goes slightly faster than other life fish so keep an eye out for that and take all other advice that has been given for the other fish.  Make sure to use Rank 3 Life lure as well.





Jaws Fish Render

This is one of the hardest, if not the hardest fish to catch.  The great thing about it is that it is the only death fish you can find in Stormriven.  You will want to stick with the two closest ponds to the entrance in Stormriven and alternate between the two.

 These are big ponds so you’ll have to look carefully.  Cast the Winnow Death Fish spell and that’ll leave you with Sentinel fish as well.  Use the Banish Sentinel 1 spell and that’ll eliminate the Rank 1 Sentinels but it won’t eliminate any Blue Armored Guards there might be.  With that, you will usually see a Blue Armored Guard in the pond and just ignore him.  Look for any other fish or you can also use the Reveal Fish spell to make it obvious to see other fish.

Check both pools and look around carefully.  There are a few obstacles to get to a few.  Make sure to use the Death Rank 3 lure and possibly a luck elixir because you’ll have been through many fish spawns to get this one, most likely.  Good luck!

Little Mackerel Fish From Swordy Render

This is another hard fish to catch and it might take a while to get it but thankfully the fish are all in one small pond to look over.  This is not the only Balance fish in the District of the Stars but it’s the only Balance fish that isn’t Rank 1.  If you use Winnow Balance Fish, Reveal Rank 1 Fish and scare away all those fish, you should be good to go.  If there is no fish that isn’t Rank 1, wait for the fish to respawn or use your Summon Fish spell.  This is just time and energy consuming and involves luck.  Make sure to use your Rank 3 Balance lure!  Best of luck!




Nibbler Fish Render

Being the easiest Sentinel fish to catch, this fish can be found in any fishing area in Celestia and is more of an annoyance than being easy to catch.  Just find a Myth Sentinel fish and you’ll be good to go!  It only requires a Rank 1 Myth lure and knowing how to catch a Sentinel.


                                               Oil Drum


In Stormriven you should be easily be able to catch this fish if you use the same sort of strategy as has been explained with the False Catshark.  This is a Fire fish though so make sure to use your Rank 3 Fire lure.



Shiner Fish From Swordy Render


In the District of the Stars, this is a simple fish to catch, for the most part.  Just make sure to focus on all the ice fish in the pond and get rid of the Rank 1 and the Sentinels.  Just like the False Catshark and Oil Drum, you can catch this fish in a jiffy.






I hope this will help you guys catch all those Celestian fish that you need and want.  So go out there and fish!  If you need any additional advice or have any questions, let us know in the comments or tweet us at @OfficialAoTS.  Good luck!