“We Got Yer Back Valencia” Contest [CLOSED]

Jun 22, 2016

We Got Yer Back Banner

We have lots of prizes to give away so we are going to play a game of 20 questions with you.

To celebrate Pirate101’s release of Book XV we are going to have you name 20 NPCs in Valencia.  There is a bit of a twist to this though.  You have heard the expression “I got yer back”?  Well we want to see how much you know about the back side of these NPCs.  Can you recognize them when you see them from the back?  We have 20 screenshots of Valencian NPCs taken from a rear angle.  Get clues as to who they are from their environment and who they are with.  Don’t back away from this challenge.  We will back up our contest with great prizes.

Anyone who gets all 20 correct (yes spelling counts) will qualify for a random drawing for 10 Thousand Crowns.

Those that correctly identify 15 to 19 will be entered in two drawings for 5 Thousand Crowns.

If you match the name of 1 to 14 camera shy NPCs you will be entered in 4 drawings for 1 Thousand Crowns.


UPDATE: Winners

First Place:  Alexandra Davenport

Second Place Drawing:  Witty Edward Burke ~ Molly Everheart 

Third Place Drawing:  Dandy Darcy DeClarke ~ Witty Seamus Silver ~ Alex Kidd ~ Daring Aaron Davis



Please email your numbered lists to: admin@adventuresofthespiral.com with the subject: “We got yer back contest”

You must include your pirate’s name in the email

We realize that you may have to play through Book XV to get to some of the NPCs so we will make the deadline for entries 11:59pm Wednesday June 29th.

There is a limit of one entry and one prize per person so please do not enter more than once or you will risk disqualification.

If you have any questions please use the comments section below to ask us!


Here are your mystery NPCs.  Happy Hunting!



1NPC 1



3NPC 3

4NPC 4

5NPC 5

6NPC 6

7NPC 7

8NPC 8

9NPC 9

10NPC 10

11NPC 11

12NPC 12

13NPC 13

14NPC 14

15NPC 15

16NPC 16

17NPC 17

18NPC 18



NPC 19

20NPC 20