The AoS Challenge for Pirate 101 and Wizard101

Mar 8, 2019

For those who have played the game for a while, you’ll remember challenges such as the “Nuzclocke”, aimed at making Wizard101 and Pirate101 a little harder. Here at AoS, we wanted to put our own twist on such challenges and play through both Wizard101 and Pirate101 with certain restrictions, creating the “AoS Challenge”*.

*We have tried our best to make this unique, if similar challenges exist we have not intended to copy.

The Rules

  1. No crowns gear at all, this includes mounts.
  2. No crowns/gold-bought pets, only drops or quest rewards.
  3. No training pets with crowns-bought snacks, only gold bought or dropped.
  4. No bundle gear of any kind.
  5. No non-training point spells unless crafted/dropped.
  6. Dropped Gear/Native-bought gear only.
  7. No use of the bazaar apart from selling items.
  8. No use of the shared bank.
  9. No henchmen of any kind.
  10. All side quests are to be completed before moving onto a new world or major location (for example, all side quests fromThe Pyramid of Fire must be completed in Krokotopia must be completed before moving on to the Krokosphinx). Zeke/Eloise quests are an exception, but must be completed before moving onto the next world.
  11. No crowns companions or ships (Pirate101 Only).

The Players and Schedule

Wizard101: Every Monday starting 11th March

Pirate101: Every Friday starting 15th March

Keep an eye out on our twitter @officialaots for updates and any schedule changes.

We’re also encouraging you to play along with us! Tweet at us on twitter using “#AoSChallenge” and/or comment on our posts with your progress!

One last thing....

The 2019 Spring Decorating Contest from Wizard101 is Live, with the chance to win Crowns, Bundles and more! Check out the official page here and you can check out Paige’s Page for some decorating tips that you may find useful in your entry!


I’ve been a part of AoS since we started the site back in 2013 and I’ve loved to watch it grow over the past 8 years, you can find me in the Marleybone Admiralty on the Isle of Dogs.