The Creepier Carnival Bundle

Oct 28, 2019

The Creepier Carnival Bundle

Tired of being an ordinary Wizard? Trying to get some spookyness into your character? Do you have what it takes to scare everyone? Tis’ be the season to scare your foes and allies. And you’re lucky just in time! Thanks to the Creepier Carnival Bundle from Wizard101!

How to get this bundle, You ask? You can buy it as an e-card from GameStop’s online store or buy the physical card from any near GameStop stores and just for $29!

Bundle Items:

  • Scare-Us-Wheel Housing Item
  • Evil Carnival Wagon Mount
  • Scare Bear Pet
  • Sinister Harlequin Gear
  • Mallet of the Midway Weapon

Away from the talking, Let’s step right up, View the bundle items and let’s get ready for the season!


This isn’t your ordinary housing item. Because simply it’s an interact-able Wheel that you and your friends can ride altogether! How many wizards can join you? not 2 or 4. It can carry up to 6 Wizards! It also gives you the choice to switch between different camera angles to enjoy the spookiest ride of all times! Be careful from the ghosts down there though.. They may try and pull you down..

Evil Carnival Wagon Mount

Get ready to travel through your scariest journeys with full speed ahead at 40% with the Evil ride of the Carnival Wagon mount! This mount isn’t just your traditional scary mount you see every year. It has bats flying around to protect you and is sure to impress and scare both, Your friends and foes! Bring 3 more friends to join you to make sure you’re all set and ready for the spooky nights of Darkmoor. As this mount can carry up to 4 passengers at the same time.

Scare Bear Pet

This adorable little bear isn’t as scary as you think he is. Or is he? Feed him well and he will be your faithful companion to aid you against your hardest and toughest of all battles. But make sure to treat him nicely.. He didn’t have quite the nice childhood as you can see..

The pet comes with animate spell card and starts with 70 pedigree.

Sinster Harlequin Gear & Mallet of the Midway Weapon

Time to retire from being a Wizard and join the evil forces of Joker himself! This amazing Creep-tacular outfit is surely nice for the dark nights of the season! Don’t forget to punish your enemies with that Mallet! One giant hit with it and your enemy won’t know what happened to them!

The outfit and weapon comes in different 14 tiers for many different levels. Pick the tier that suits your needs at your current level or wait until later to redeem a higher level tier for better stats and spells. Choose Wisely!

Stats for Harlequin Gear:

Mallet of the Midway Weapon Tiers:

Last, But not least! Buying this bundle gives you the choice to pick between 1 month of membership for Wizard101 or 5000 Crowns to use as you please.

This bundle is one of the excellent choices to stay fashioned with the scary season of the year. And it is all for $29 and It definitely is worth it! Don’t miss your chance to be spooktacular around your friends! Will you be buying the Creepier Carnival Bundle?


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