Heavenly Palace Bundle

Jun 5, 2020

Ever wanted to break the limits and live high up in the skies? Well imagine no more! Your dreams finally came true in the brand new $39 bundle card, Heavenly Palace Bundle for Wizard101!

Without any further introduction, here’s what it has to offer:

Sky Sorcerer Outfit

Live the life of the wise with this amazing gearset of meditation! The gear is designed to be both, well fashioned to impress your friends and well equipped with decent stats to aid you in battle. The gear tiers are available from level 0 to 130.

Something new you might notice is that this bundle comes with set bonuses starting from the level 20 tier of the gearset.

Sky Sorcerer Staff

With this amazing wand, the power of the Moodha himself and his blessings are in your hands. Learn how to use it’s powers wisely and it’ll show you the hope and light at the end of your very dark path whether you were on a journey or trying to get a certain item!

This wand also provides a Guiding Armor maycast at higher levels. This maycast spell adds a 35% Outgoing healing charm to the caster and absorbs 500 damage.

Tanuki Pet

It might be adorable and cuddly, but it’s skills in combat are incredibly ferocious when it senses that you’re in danger. From the heavenly skies comes this miracle to aid you whenever you’re in need for a helping hand, thanks to the Hamadryad spell this pet comes with! As it heals both, your wizard and your friends. Who knows what other talents and powers it has for you in store.. Train em well and you shall find out!

Majestic Crane Mount

There’s no wise wizard without a wise mount. And here, comes the Majestic Crane mount. This faithful bird will accompany and carry you while you’re on your mission to save the spiral. And at a 40% speed! Take care of it just like how it’ll take care of you. Mounts do truly deserve some love, you know.

Heavenly Palace House

Prepare to witness and see a piece from heaven itself! Explore a mysterious realm from high up the skies with giant flying house! But be careful.. Don’t get way too close to the edge, It’s a long way down there. This house is the perfect place for self meditation after a long tiring day of quests. If you’re the type of a wizard that is into such type of self calming activities, This house is made just for you and owning such beautiful house and landscape is a great opportunity you sure don’t want to miss!

Finally, this bundle comes with the choice of 1 Month of Membership or 5000 crowns to do as you please.

This bundle can be bought from any local Gamestop near you for $39 or simply you can buy it online from Gamestop’s website for the same price! Will you be buying The Heavenly Palace Bundle? Which item did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!


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