Haywire Weapons: Dreadnaught vs Blightbeard

Aug 18, 2020

Haywire Weapons? Blightbeard and Dreadnaught are calling for you! But it’s all about the decisions! Which one is better to go for? Which has a better drop rate? Is Blight faster than waiting for Dread to spawn? Questions questions..

And if you’re new to Pirate101 and wondering what the Haywire weapons are.. Well, they are the best set of weapons for PvE (And arguably a few of them are excellent and best for PvP). In this article I’ll be discussing which one is the best spot with the better chances to get your hands on the weapons.

Without any further ado, let’s keep going!

The Fights

Starting with the Haywire Dreadnaught, it has the best fighting mechanism if you’re willing to find something that is completely unique and out of the box, as you have to bring your ships to work with a group of friends altogether to knock that assault station down in order to be able to dock and fight the bosses. Pretty interesting, no?


As much as it would seem that it’s a cool concept for a new type of gauntlets or boss fights, but it still has it’s own flaws:

  • You had to wait 10 to 15 minutes sometimes for a Dreadnaught station to spawn again, some other times you’d have to wait for HOURS until it spawns again. Which is frustrating sometimes.
  • Spawn times can be out of the player activity sometimes, which leaves you alone vs a tough assault station with it’s fleet of 15 ships that’ll end up attacking you at once if you try to solo it and sink your ship instantly.
  • Another design flaw, or rather would call it a bug, is the fact that once you dock at dreadnaught to fight the boss, sometimes sigils do not appear at all (Which is probably because someone is inside it abusing the dreadful cabin glitch for hours, incredibly rude if you ask me).

Dreadnaught Bosses

The bosses inside this one-fight instance are completely random, however, they all drop the same Haywire weapons loot (For example, Haywire Armada Musketeer can drop Haywire great Royal Axe and vice versa to the other 2 melee bosses).

There are 3 bosses inside this gauntlet. Haywire Armada:

  • Dragoon
  • Battle Angel
  • Musketeer

One of them spawns randomly as the boss in each run and the rest are just Armada haywire mobs. Pretty cool, right?

What else do they drop aside from Haywire weapons? Decorations from all over the worlds of the spiral, and lots and lots of Gold and Scrip, of course!

As that’s all done for Dreadnaught, let’s take a look at the Verminus Blightbeard himself..

Verminus Blightbeard

Easily one of my favorite bosses that you can find in the Obsidian Door at Scrimshaw docks, in this specific fight however, a Haywire Dragoon spawns as a second boss next to Blightbeard (He drops the Haywire weapons for this fight).

All you need in this battle is a team of Old Scratch and Blood flames and it should be over, pretty easy and quick enough to end it all in 5 rounds. It has lesser downfalls compared to the Dreadnaught too:

  • The stats for the bosses and mobs are tough, so if you try this without Blood Flames and Scratch, it’ll definitely be annoying and things might end in a bad way..
  • You NEED Obsidian Skeleton Keys in order to farm Blightbeard for the Haywire weapons instead.

The only benefit i can mention is that you don’t need to do any kind of Nautical showdowns like in Dread to fight the boss.

Drop Rates

Through farming Dreadnaught for over 4 years now, it is safe to say that Dreadnaught gets a better credibility drop rates wise as you get to have a better chance in getting at least one weapon in most of the runs.

Although the decoration drops can be awfully too much, but it isn’t as stingy as you think it is with other instances. Keep in mind you can also improve your chances at getting the weapons quickly by tossing a 50 or 100 crowns on the 2nd chance chest.

In the other hand, Blightbeard might seem to be the better choice but truth is, truth is? It all depends whether or not you are the patient type of a pirate for the good loot! For example i was able to get my hands on some of the weapons from Blight, at least one haywire weapon each 10 runs or so. Which is way below the average if you compare it with Dreadnaught’s chances of dropping a Haywire weapon for you.

Sum it up or Hype it up!

Dreadnaught Loot Table:

  • Haywire Weapons
  • Decoration Items
  • Scrip & Gold
  • Doubloons and Aquila themed gear (If a Multiplayer Boss Plunder chest spawns)

Blightbeard’s Loot Table:

  • Pirate Nightmare Gear
  • Pirate Nightmare Weapons
  • Haywire Weapons
  • Gold and Scrip

My recommendation? Whichever suits you most! If you’re the type that is wanting better chances to get the weapons as quick as possible, but is able to wait till Dreadnaught spawns, go for dreadnaught.

However, if you’re the kind of pirate that can’t wait to put their hands on all the good loot, but completely fine with the lower drop rate, Blightbeard is the choice for you! But if you ask about me, I’ll always pick Dreadnaught any day.

Now that you’ve known the difference between farming both for the haywire weapons, Which one will you aim for? Blightbeard or Dreadnaught? Let us know in the comments below!


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